Helping businesses & organizations design and manage their internships

Our Career Office offers to businesses & organizations the opportunity to co-design an internship, significantly increasing the likelihood of both the students and the companies/organizations complete their internship program with success.

Our office will support you in the following:
> design of the overall internship scope
> design specific tasks with weekly/bi-weekly measurable goals and outcomes
> setup evaluation mechanisms
> define the final outcome / product of the internship

If you wish learn more about this service, please contact Mr. Dimitris Diamantis.

Below you may read about the internships experiences of some of our students:

George Belidis, Junior
International Relations
George Belidis

Do you want to change the world? Do you want to live a unique experience that you will remember for a lifetime? Then, AIESEC Summer/Winter internships are for you! This summer I chose the project ‘’RevolutiON’’ hosted by AIESEC Sarajevo. I worked for six weeks as an Educational Adviser at the Historical Museum of Bosnia and Herzegovina! This internship gave me the opportunity to explore, to grow, develop myself and meet a different culture and people from all over the world. The cost is about 100-120€ which includes accommodation for six weeks and in some cases food. The AIESEC Local Committee responsible for ACT is located at the University of Macedonia. More information on or contact me.

Dimitar Bozov, Junior
Business Administration (Finance)

I was an intern for Coca-Cola Hellenic for summer 2015. I worked in the BSO, which is the Business service organisation. Coca-Cola Hellenic has outsourced its financial and managerial departments for 27 countries in Bulgaria. There were 4 major departments, HR, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Accounting. I was working in the team of Accounts Receivable for Greece and Cyprus. Most of my work was done trough SAP, and it included cash allocation and letters. There were foreign nationals in the company and the average age was 29, so there were many young people. As a whole I was very satisfied and I learn a lot about the business world.